Conference host

The host of the 13th ORPHEUS conference is the School of Health Sciences at the University of Iceland.

The School of Health Sciences offers diverse academic programmes, on undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in six faculties: Faculty of Nursing; Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition; Faculty of Psychology; Faculty of Odontology.

The number of students at the School of Health Sciences is around 2300 of which 140 are PhD students.

Great foundation for a future in health sciences

The School of Health Sciences plays a leading role in the development and growth of the Icelandic health sector. The main objective is to educate competent health care professionals ready to undertake demanding careers in Iceland and worldwide. The aim is to graduate exceptionally qualified professionals who are able to address the fourfold role of the national health services: to provide services to the ill; to conduct research; to teach; and to attend to the services’ social role. This entails providing information and encouragement to the public, so people are better able to take responsibility for their own health.

Dynamic research environment

World class research is conducted at the School of Health Sciences, and students are encouraged to show initiative and new thinking. Teaching and research are closely connected, especially at later stages of the education. The students do not only learn to acquire new knowledge, but also to maintain it and create new knowledge. The School of Health Sciences collaborates with many influential research institutions as well as private companies and other Universities. That creates a dynamic research environment and great opportunities for our students and staff.


The vision of the School of Health sciences is increased collaboration of those that take care of sick people. Health care is no longer only provided by individuals, but through team-work. This applies to services, teaching and research. Such a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach is emphasized within the school.

The University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is the leading university in Iceland and plays an active role in society and in the international scientific community. Currently some 13,000 students are enrolled at the University, including almost 1,400 international students. The University of Iceland comprises five schools and 25 faculties offering over four hundred different programmes of study. It is the only university in Iceland offering undergraduate and graduate programmes in all major academic disciplines, including doctoral degrees in most fields of study.

More information on the University of Iceland website.