Welcome to Reykjavik – Iceland for the

13th ORPHEUS Conference on Creativity, Feedback and Diversity in Doctoral Studies

Hosted by the University of Iceland School of Health Sciences

How will PhD candidates and their supervisors meet ever-increasing challenges of modern science with its competitiveness, complex technologies, massive databases and sophisticated mathematical analysis beyond human brain power?

Such challenges will call for innovative and creative thinking, flexibility and diversity in approach as well as intelligent support and feedback.

These are the themes of the 13th Orpheus conference.

The stated mission of Orpheus is developing and disseminating best practices within PhD training programmes. In this context great achievements have been made and several universities have received the Orpheus label. The time is now ripe to look further ahead. Scientific research has perhaps never been as challenging as it is today and offered as many exciting opportunities.

The future is bright and we look forward to welcoming you in Reykjavik 24-26 May, at the time of year when it never goes dark.